Our Leadership Team

Our team of caring professionals is dedicated to helping our patients reach their highest potential and optimal independence through physician directed complex nursing and rehabilitation services in a family- centered environment.


Sherri Medina

Principal & Chief Executive Officer

Sherri Medina is Principal and Chief Executive Officer for HealthBridge. Prior to HealthBridge, she was a key principal of Epic Ventures, a group specializing in investments in post-acute care solutions. During her career, she has served a pivotal role in the healthcare industry through targeted strategic operational, clinical and financial direction.

Dan Larson

Principal & Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

Dan Larson is Principal and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for HealthBridge and was principal of Epic Ventures, a group specializing in investments in post-acute care solutions. He brings over 30 years in healthcare experience co-owning and building companies in the post-acute rehab space.

“At HealthBridge, our culture truly exemplifies the best in collaboration, motivation and empowerment. Each member of our leadership team has proven experience and distinction in their respective fields and an ability to inspire others – all with the common goal of providing superior post-acute healthcare services.”

Sherri Medina – Principal and Chief Executive Officer

Dawn Shuda

Dawn Shuda is Chief Financial Officer for HealthBridge.

Roberta Consolver

Roberta Consolver, RN, BSN, MHA, is Chief Nursing Officer for HealthBridge.

Ron Zika

Ron Zika currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for HealthBridge.

Jessica Black

Jessica Black is the Vice President of Business Operations for HealthBridge.

Partnering with children’s hospitals to create fully integrated care continuums that produce the right care at the right time and price throughout a child’s recovery, resulting in unparalleled patient/family experiences.

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