(Mood/behaviors disorders, PTSD, ASD, suicidal ideation, OCD, depression, anxiety)

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Medpsych Care

MedPsych care involves comprehensive integrated medical and psychological care of children as they face a variety of diseases and mental health challenges. It’s difficult for an adult to cope with these issues, but it’s especially hard for a child to communicate and manage their fears, anger and other feelings when faced with a life-altering illness and associated pain. And, for the caregiver, living with, and providing the proper support for, children with conduct disorders and mental health issues can be challenging.

HealthBridge Pediatric Medpsych Services

At HealthBridge, we have an experienced, compassionate and integrated care team that includes a wide range of board-certified mental health professionals. Many of our patients have overlapping medical and psychiatric problems. Our high-trained mental health treatment team, led by board-certified physicians and therapists, is equipped to treat a broad range of mental health conditions, including:

Service Lines

Mood/Behavior Disorders. Our team is equipped to treat a variety of mood/behavior disorders, including: depression, bipolar disorder, substance-induced mood disorder, and other mood disorders that affect one’s conduct. Treatment can include medication management, psychotherapy and family therapy.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD in a child usually manifests itself when a child is exposed to situations that remind them of a highly-stressful or traumatic life event. Children may experience ongoing nightmares or day memories. They may have flashbacks, suffer from impaired reality, inability to communicate, loss of interest, learning problems, and aggressive behavior. Symptoms could include anxiety, depression and substance abuse in varying degrees. After assessing the symptoms, a treatment plan will be developed that will probably include both cognitive behavioral therapy and management through medications.

Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Because it can manifest differently in each person, it’s called a spectrum disorder. Signs of ASD include difficulties in communication and social interaction, repetitive behavior, and restricted interests. As with other mood disorders, the HealthBridge Children’s treatment team will assess the level of severity and develop a treatment plan that will include behavioral management, cognitive behavior therapy, and occupational therapy to help children develop skills necessary for better communication and participation.

Suicide Ideation. Suicide ideation is when your child shows signs of suicidal thoughts or ideas. This serious mental health condition is used to describe a strong preoccupation with death and suicide. Our treatment team is trained to diagnose and manage the wide range of suicide ideation, including for those who have attempted suicide.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). A child with OCD will display compulsive or obsessive behaviors. Intrusive thoughts will creative high levels of distress that cannot be relieved without performing certain routines repeatedly. Most cases of OCD are treated with psychotherapy and medication management.

Depression and Anxiety. Depression and anxiety are common, but serious, medical illnesses. Both can significantly impact a child’s quality of life. These illnesses negatively affect the way you think, how you feel and how you act. It’s essential to identify the cause and provide treatment through psychotherapy and sometimes medication.

At HealthBridge Children’s, we understand that mental and physical health have an interactive relationship. For a child to thrive in school and at play and, later in life at work and in society, a child’s behavioral health issues must me addressed as they surface throughout his/her developmental years. And, family participation plays an important role in the recovery process. We’re here to help provide the essential tools and skills to help children reach their full potential.

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