Medically Complex Illnesses Resources

Our resource center for medically complex illness and injuries offers a broad array of information related to a multitude of conditions, including: pulmonary care, wound treatment, bariatric care, lymphedema care, neuromuscular diseases, and more. In addition, many of these catastrophic injuries and illnesses require specialized equipment and care which is analyzed on many of these pages to offer you the best available options.

Our staff at HealthBridge are experts in the field and can support individuals and families through these challenges. Please browse the resource links below and connect with us at any time to learn more about our long-term post-acute care facilities.

American Association for Respiratory Care

The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) was founded to advance the science and practice of respiratory care and serve as an advocate for patients, families and the respiratory therapist.

Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Guide

Cerebral Palsy Guide is a national organization that provides easy-to-read information regarding cerebral palsy symptoms, treatment and therapy options. It is our mission to provide parents and caregivers with the most updated resources for CP and birth injuries, as well as to provide an online support system for individuals affected by this condition.

National Cancer Institute/Lymphedema

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) coordinates the United States National Cancer Program and conducts and supports research, training, health information dissemination, and other activities related to the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. This page explores the connection between cancer, cancer treatment and lymphedema and provides information related to diagnosis, symptoms and treatment.