Medically Complex

(Polytrauma, complex wounds including Vac/Burns, TPN, strict isolation, multiple IVs, failure to thrive)

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Medically Complex Conditions

A child medically complex illness or injury is a serious debilitating condition that often affects a variety of organs, including the brain, heart and lungs. These specific illnesses/injuries necessitate targeted treatment approaches and specific medical and rehabilitative equipment and therapies such as neurorehabilitative therapy, bariatric care, burn and wound care, ventilator treatment and more.

Complex care is given to patients with long-term complicated health issues stemming from acquired and traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, ongoing respiratory or pulmonary conditions, congenital heart disease, and more. These patients may require specialized care involving feeding tubes, ventilators, special rehabilitation equipment or learning devices. Many of these conditions impact many parts of the body and care requires an interdisciplinary team of qualified health professionals to allow a full continuum of care. This includes providing these patients with the tools necessary to gain the highest level of independence possible.

Service Lines

HealthBridge Pediatric Medically Complex Services

As with all debilitating illnesses or injuries, caring for a child with complex medical issues requires the development of an individualized care plan and an integrated whole-body medical treatment approach. At HealthBridge Children’s, our interdisciplinary treatment team is poised to provide proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for children with complex healthcare needs such as:

Polytrauma. Polytrauma (multi trauma) is a condition where a child has suffered from multiple injuries such as a burn and a traumatic brain injury. A polytrauma patient has a Injury Severity Score (ISS) of 16 or greater. While multiple injuries implies two or more injuries in one part of the body, polytrauma affects two or more parts of the body. Our interdisciplinary treatment team, led by a board-certified physician, will assess the injuries and create an individualized treatment plan that could include medical management, surgery and intense rehabilitation.

Complex Wound Care. Complex wounds, including those received from burns, require specialized medical management and equipment. Our treatment team is able to assess a broad variety of wounds and then develop an individualized treatment plan that could include vacuum assisted closure (VAC) therapy to help close the wound and promote healing, followed by rehabilitation, family support and counseling.

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). TPN is a form of feeding that bypasses the gastrointestinal tract and is infused directly through a vein. A nutrient-rich solution is used to help provide children the necessary calories to thrive. TPN is used for children that do not have a functional bowel tract, cannot tolerate oral nutrition, are critically ill or have other medical conditions that prevent them from getting essential nutrients for survival.

Strict isolation. Strict isolation is used with children with weakened immune systems susceptible to infection. Isolation separates the patient from others to control the spread of an infection. The three standard categories of transmission-based precautions include contact isolation (gowns and gloves), droplet isolation (surgical masks, goggles, face shields) and airborne isolation (tent or isolation room).

Multiple Intravenous Therapy. When two or more agents (medications, fluids, hydration) are used to treat a child, this is called Multiple IV Therapy — considered to be the fastest way to deliver fluid and medications into the body. Our expert care team is highly trained in all the safety protocols involved in Multiple IV Therapy, including constant monitoring and adjustments as necessary.

Failure to Thrive. Failure to thrive (FTT) is associated with abnormal growth and development due to under-nourishment. When a child suffers from FTT, the challenges are significant to get your child to consume enough food and nutrients. At HealthBridge Children’s, we are here to provide the specialized care, including feeder/grower programs for infants, to enable your child’s body to properly develop.

Medically complex illnesses can be complicated and frightening for both the patient and the family— especially when they involve a child. At HealthBridge, it’s our goal to provide a safe, friendly and compassionate environment conducive to a quicker recovery.

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