High-Acuity Complex Medical

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High-Acuity Complex Medical

A medically complex illness or injury is a serious debilitating condition that often affects a variety of organs, including the brain, heart and lungs. These specific illnesses/injuries necessitate targeted treatment approaches and specific medical and rehabilitative equipment and therapies such neurorehabilitative therapy, burn and wound care, ventilator treatment and more. Often these complex issues are a result of a birth-related condition. Proper medical management and care are essential during the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) step-down process. While some babies may go directly home from a NICU, most will require some level of intermediate less intensive care. That’s where HealthBridge comes in. Our step-down unit services are delivered by a team of highly-skilled physicians and nursing staff.

The HealthBridge Point-of-Difference

Once at HealthBridge, your child will be evaluated within the first 24-48 hours by a board-certified physician. Based on that evaluation, the team will work with the family to develop a comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment plan, setting appropriate goals and expectations for the inpatient stay. Components of the plan will include medical management and monitoring; family education and training; and specialized rehab for older children with complex medical issues.

Whether your child is at HealthBridge as a result of a birth condition, or an older child requiring specialized care following an intense illness, we are committed to providing the best possible compassionate care by an expert medical team, including nurses well-trained in educating new parents about the care of the growing baby. All of this is done in in a child-friendly environment conducive to quicker growth and recovery. Our unique program features include: high nursing-to-patient ratio; specialized medical and rehabilitative devices; children’s artwork throughout our facilities; and all-private rooms, with sleeping accommodations for family members.