Cancer Rehabilitation

(Immunosuppressed isolation, fatigue management, pain and other side effects, end of life care)

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Cancer Rehabilitation

At HealthBridge, we understand how heartbreaking it is to learn that your child has cancer. According to the World Health Organization, every three minutes a parent is given the devastating news that their child has cancer.

Nearly 20,000 children under the age of 19 are diagnosed with cancer in the United States every year. Globally, the number rises to more than 400,000. The good news is that survival rates have improved. In the U.S., 80 percent of children with cancer are cured. And, at HealthBridge we are doing everything we can to not only offer our pediatric patients the best chance at recovery, but make their journey less painful and minimally invasive.

HealthBridge Pediatric Cancer Care And Rehabilitation Services

When a child has cancer, the entire family is affected. At HealthBridge children’s hospitals, our interdisciplinary treatment team is poised to provide proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Our board-certified treatment team specializes in childhood cancers and working with your primary care physician, will development a specialized program to help children meet their pain management and recovery goals.

Service Lines

  • Immunosuppressed Isolation. Children with cancer generally have weakened immune systems, making them highly susceptible to infection. Due to this, they are generally placed in isolation to keep them safe and comfortable. This process is very difficult for family members because they are often unable offer their child the benefit of tactile communication.
  • Fatigue Management. Cancer treatment and rehabilitation can cause significant fatigue. Our team of pediatric cancer experts can help identify potential underlying causes such as anemia and works with the family to identify strategies to promote rest and recovery.
  • Pain and Treatment Side Effects. Pain management plays an integral role in the overall treatment plan for a pediatric cancer patient. At HealthBridge, our team develops an individualized treatment plan, which, in addition to medical therapy, usually involves a combination of physical, occupational and psychotherapy to help improve quality of life.
  • End of Life Care. Once the painful determination is made to provide end of life care, HealthBridge works closely with hospice and our palliative care team to ensure the each child’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. During this time, all efforts will remain in place to manage symptoms and reduce pain.

When a child receives a cancer diagnosis, the impact is devastating for the entire family. At HealthBridge, our goal is to provide children and their families with the medical expertise and emotional support needed as they navigate through this difficult journey and offer every possible tool to give the best chance at long-term cancer survival.

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