Acute Rehabilitation

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Acute Rehabilitation

The emphasis at a post-acute care facility is on rehabilitation and symptom management. At this stage of recovery, while there may be some level of medical care required, it’s likely to be moderate, focusing on recuperation and rehabilitation, with the goal of providing your child with the highest optimal level of independence.

The HealthBridge Point-of-Difference

Once at HealthBridge, your child will be evaluated within the first 24-48 hours. Our care team is led by board-certified pediatricians and physiatrists (doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation) and may include: physical, speech and occupational therapists; neuropsychologists; psychologists; social workers; dietitians; nurses; counselors; and case managers.

Once at HealthBridge, your child will be evaluated within the first 24-48 hours by a board-certified physician. Based on the initial evaluation, the team will work with the family to develop a comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment plan, setting appropriate goals and expectations for the inpatient rehabilitation stay. The usual schedule of acute rehabilitation will include three hours of therapy daily, with the exception of Sundays, reserved for rest and family/friends visits.

At HealthBridge, we are committed to providing the best possible compassionate care by an expert medical team, utilizing the necessary specialized rehabilitation equipment and supportive devices. All of this is done in in a child-friendly environment conducive to quicker recovery. Our unique program features include: high nursing-to-patient ratio; the use of everyday motivational tools in rehabilitation; children’s artwork throughout our facilities; and all-private rooms, with sleeping accommodations for family members.