Spinal Cord Injury Resources

Our spinal cord injury resource center includes the most valuable links relevant to spinal cord injuries, vetted by industry experts. You will find in-depth information related to spinal cord diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Curated by top-level medical and rehabilitation professionals, this information will enable you to better understand the complicated nuances in improving a patient’s function and mobility as you support your loved one in reaching their recovery goals.

Our staff at HealthBridge are experts in the field and can support individuals and families as they navigate through these challenges. Please browse the resource links below and connect with us at any time to learn more out our post-acute care facilities.

American Spinal Injury Association


The American Spinal InjurynAssociation (ASIA) is America’s foremost organization in the field of spinal cord injury, care, education, and research.



BrainandSpinalCord.org was created as a knowledge base for brain injury and spinal cord injury survivors.

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation


The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by advancing innovative research and improving quality of life for individuals impacted by paralysis.

Facing Disability .com


FacingDisability presents current information on spinal cord injury which has been curated by working with medical experts at major hospitals, universities, and rehabilitation institutions.

National Institutes of Health/Spinal Cord Injuries


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is one of the world’s foremost medical research centers. The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) focuses on investigating human development. This page explores treatment, medication and therapies for spinal cord injuries.

SCIRE: Spinal Cord Injury Research Evidence Project


The Spinal Cord Injury Research Evidence (SCIRE) Project is dedicated to providing up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of rehabilitation for children and young adults with SCI. SCIRE is a division if ICORD, the International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries — an interdisciplinary research institute focused on spinal cord injury.

SCOPE: Spinal Outcomes Partnership Endeavor


SCOPE is an affiliate of the American Spinal Injury Association that facilitates and establishes guidelines for clinical trials.



SpinalCord.com is a resource for spinal cord injury survivors and their families that provides information about the anatomy of a spinal cord injury, information about doctors and treatment centers, and a a directory of support groups across the country.



The United Spinal Association is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Americans living with the results of spinal cord injury and disease and their families. This site provides detailed information related to disability products and services.



Spinalpedia is a social mentoring network and video archive that allows the spinal cord injury community to motivate each other with through sharing knowledge about and successes from their individual experiences.

United Spinal Association


The United Spinal Association is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Americans living with the results of spinal cord injury and disease and their families.