Medical Professionals

Our Complex Care and Rehabilitation Professionals

By closely collaborating with a variety of professionals, we can work more effectively with our patients

HealthBridge is here for one very important reason: to meet the complex care and rehabilitation needs of patients requiring neurorehabilition or specialized rehab for medically complex illnesses. The care these patients require is far from ordinary. And that’s why HealthBridge complex care and rehabilitation facilities are the best option.

Our family-friendly environment, experienced care team and individualized care plans give patients and their families hope for a higher level of functioning. That’s the HealthBridge difference. In addition, we work closely with case managers, discharge planners, payers and medical professionals to provide a seamless transition and continuity of care for even the most difficult discharge cases. As an added benefit, our medical staff includes specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, neuropsychology, pulmonology and internal medicine.

Priceless care, Competitive rates

The specialists at our complex care and rehabilitation facilities work closely with our acute care counterparts to make certain patients are in a position to fully benefit from our specialized programs and level of care.

After meeting with patients and reviewing their case history we may determine that additional services are needed before they are ready for a more rigorous acute rehabilitation program.

Working together with the individual, their family, discharge planners and payers, we can identify transitional services to ensure the right level of care is provided at the right time.

HealthBridge…Where specialized care begins and hope never ends