Complex Ortho

(Multiple trauma/fractures, amputee, external fixators)

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Complex Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Pediatric orthopedic care is a specialized field of medicine devoted to children who have suffered trauma to joints, muscles and bones. Because children’s bodies are still growing, they have a distinctly different joint, muscle, and bone structure than adults. In addition, orthopedic rehabilitation is key to regaining strength and mobility for patients who have undergone surgery or suffered a traumatic brain injury, musculoskeletal disorder or other injury.

HealthBridge Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services

At HealthBridge Children’s, our pediatric orthopedic experts are equipped to treat a broad range of conditions, from a simple fracture, to more complex afflictions such as a limb deformity, cerebral palsy or spina bifida. Working with patients of all ability levels, our goal at HealthBridge is always to guide our patients toward regaining mobility and restoring independence. Our team of therapists uses state-of-the-art techniques and specialized equipment to improve functional mobility and minimize chronic pain in the muscles and joints. An individualized treatment plan will be developed for each patient, outlining all treatment options and goals, including physical and occupational therapy.

Service Lines

  • Multiple Trauma or Fractures. Complex pediatric orthopedics is a highly-specialized field of rehabilitation medicine that treats children who have suffered from complex orthopedic injuries such as multiple traumas or fractures (car accidents, falls, sports injuries), requiring specialized treatment to restore functionality.
  • Amputation. In rare cases requiring limb amputation, specialized care is essential to prevent infection and introduce the patient to a prosthetic limb. Our interdisciplinary team includes physical therapists, prosthetists, occupational therapist to provide training in activities of daily living, and psychotherapists to help children emotionally manage the physical loss and lifestyle changes.
  • External fixators. Eternal fixators are stabilizing frames or — often a combination of pins, plates and/or a frame to help stabilize fractured bones and keep them in alignment.

Orthopedic Program Features

Custom orthopedic rehabilitation care plans are developed for each individual patient with the goal of advancing mobility and strength as much as possible. The child-friend, community-based rehabilitation program at HealthBridge Children’s provides:

  • Large rehab gyms with the latest equipment and assistive devices
  • State-of-the-art therapy rooms
  • Proven clinical treatments and therapeutic protocols
  • A strong medical team led by expert physicians, skilled nursing and well-trained health professionals
  • 24/7 care
  • The right nursing to patient ratio
  • A pleasant, family-friendly environment with the comforts of home

At HealthBridge, as your healthcare provider, our goal is to promote healing through expert care by rehabilitation specialists, the latest specialized rehabilitation equipment and techniques, and focused attention on each and every patient we serve with the ultimate goal of restoring mobility, strength, and optimal independence.

HealthBridge…Where specialized care begins and hope never ends