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For patients who have suffered a stroke, starting the rehabilitation process as soon as possible is the best way to regain a wide range of motion and brain function. Offering complex care solutions, the experienced team at HealthBridge supports patients in their recovery process with highly advanced neurological rehabilitation and care in a comfortable home-like community setting.

We’re committed to helping you or your loved one get back to life after a stroke.

Personalized Brain Injury Treatment

HealthBridge is a leader in the treatment of traumatic and acquired brain injuries. Our experience with rehabilitation for neurological injuries and conditions means we understand that stroke patients suffer from limited independence and have a higher level of need for specialized care.

We also recognize that every patient is unique. For this reason, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan that is revisited regularly as the patient advances. Our stroke rehabilitation services focus on making consistent improvements in cognitive, physical, emotional and behavioral impairments that have altered patients’ functioning abilities.

Stroke Rehabilitation Centers Near Me

HealthBridge offers a growing network of stroke rehabilitation centers in the United States. We focus on providing the best care in a family-friendly setting that encourages healing. If your loved one is a stroke victim in need of rehab to regain independence, or long-term care because needs cannot be met at home, HealthBridge is a choice you can feel confident in.

Our facilities provide stroke rehabilitation with support and care from an experienced team of doctors, nurses and therapists practiced in implementing the most up-to-date treatment methods. Our individualized approach to stroke rehabilitation and complex care has provided proven results for decades.

HealthBridge…Where specialized care begins and hope never ends