Dr. Susan Smiga

Board-certified Child and
Adolescent Psychiatrist

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Dr. Susan Smiga, MD, is a board-certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with targeted expertise in pediatric and primary care settings.

A seasoned clinician with broad diagnostic and research experience in both adult and child psychiatry, Dr. Smiga engages in clinical care using telepsychiatry and is focused on advancing the psychological well-being of HealthBridge patients throughout their process of functional physical recovery. She has an enduring interest in resilience, mindfulness, family engagement, and strength-based care.

Benefits of psychiatric consultation:

  • Psychiatric care enhances overall physical and emotional wellbeing, advancing everyday function and quality of life
  • Regularly scheduled patient visits and psychiatric assessments ensure a whole-person approach Medication management for anxiety, depression, and other behaviors that negatively impact recovery
  • Coordinated treatment planning with primary care physicians, nurses, and therapists
  • Achievable rehabilitation goals based on core interests, aptitudes, and strengths
  • Ongoing safety assessments for transition to lower levels of care
  • Post-discharge psychiatric and mental health planning
  • Engaging with families on their loved one’s rehab process, post-discharge expectations, and family-centric care plans