After brain surgery to remove a benign tumor in July 2006, Shari Bookstaff was left partially paralyzed. After months of rehab at a facility where she showed little improvement, she was ultimately moved to HealthBridge Marin County.

When she arrived at HealthBridge in October 2006, Shari couldn’t stand, walk, swallow and barely managed to sit in her wheelchair. With intensive daily therapy and the faith the staff showed in her, Shari became empowered to improve. Shari credits her improvement to the expert care of the HealthBridge team, which set her up to keep going. In March 2007, she was able to return home to her children and pets. Initially she had to concentrate on the little things like blinking her left eye, but she was home. Now, Shari drives a car to the gym at the community college where she teaches biology – full schedule. She works out at the gym four days a week. She even wrote a book about her experiences, “When Life Throws you Lemons…Make Cranberry Juice!” which was recently published.

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