Dr. Patricia Liao, MD

Pediatric Critical Care

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Dr. Patricia Liao is a dedicated and compassionate pediatrician specializing in pediatric critical care, with proven expertise in providing exemplary medical care to critically ill children. With a profound commitment to improving the lives of young patients and their families, she has special interest in genetic predispositions to critical illnesses and is involved in several clinical trials. Dr. Liao has earned a reputation for exceptional clinical skills and unwavering empathy. She is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care.

Dr. Liao is not only a respected medical professional but also a beloved figure in the hospital community, known for her kindness, patience, and ability to bring hope to even the most challenging cases. Her tireless dedication to pediatric critical care has not only saved numerous lives but has also inspired future generations of medical professionals.

In addition to being part of the HealthBridge Children’s team, Dr. Liao is on staff at CHOC Hospital in Orange, Ca.

Benefits of Having an On-Site Pediatric Critical Care Doctor:

  • Immediate Medical Attention:
    • Enables rapid response in critical situations, ensuring immediate medical care for pediatric patients.
    • Reduces response time during emergencies, potentially saving lives.
  • Specialized Pediatric Expertise:
    • Provides specialized care tailored to the unique medical needs of children, including infants and adolescents.
    • Expertise in managing pediatric-specific conditions and illnesses.
  • Continuity of Care:
    • Ensures consistent and continuous medical care, especially for patients with chronic or complex conditions.
    • Facilitates seamless coordination between medical teams and specialists, improving overall patient outcomes.
  • Timely Diagnosis and Treatment:
    • Enables quick diagnosis of pediatric diseases and conditions, leading to timely and appropriate treatment plans.
    • Swift adjustments to treatment protocols based on the child’s response to therapy.
  • Family Support:
    • Offers emotional support and reassurance to families during critical situations.
    • Facilitates communication between the medical team and the family, ensuring everyone is well-informed about the child’s condition and treatment.
  • Collaborative Care:
    • Works closely with other medical professionals and specialists to provide comprehensive care for complex cases.
    • Collaborates with nurses, therapists, and other healthcare providers to create a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.
  • Improved Outcomes:
    • Enhances the chances of positive medical outcomes due to immediate and specialized care.
    • Reduces complications and potential long-term effects of critical illnesses, improving the quality of life for pediatric patients.

Having an on-site pediatric critical care doctor significantly improves the quality of care for critically ill children, ensuring timely interventions, emotional support, and specialized medical expertise tailored to the unique needs of pediatric patients.